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FAQ – Evozon Testing


1. How can I apply for a job?

Simply e-mail your CV to jobs@evozon.com, telling us which position you’re applying for. If none of our current openings or ongoing career opportunities looks good to you – keep checking our new openings on the Careers page.

2. How could my CV impress you?

Tell us what you’ve been doing – don’t be shy. If you have working experience, tell us about the projects – they’re what excites us. If you’re still a student or a graduate, then tell us about workshops, seminar projects or IT competitions you’ve been involved in. You could also tell us what interests you, which technical books and blogs you’re reading. Don’t forget what you’re applying for! If it’s for a Java position, don’t fill your CV with all the technologies/frameworks you’ve studied while at University, but focus on the Java related ones.

3. What are the steps in the selection process?

If we think you’ve got what it takes – and remember, a lot of what we do involves communicating well – then we’ll get in touch with you and invite you to an interview. The first step will be a technical screening, followed by a discussion on your availability. This could happen during one or two meetings, depending on the job you’d like. When a candidate is selected and the position filled, the other applicants will be notified by email.

4. Do you have well-defined work practices?

We have great work practices and procedures that undergo continuous improvement, but we’re not heavy on process – we prefer results

5. What projects will I work on?

What would you like to work on? Everyone’s welcome to make a positive contribution, to everything we do. That way, our clients get the best results. Most of our projects are web applications.

6. What kind of customers will I work for?

Our customers could be anywhere, and need almost anything. But they all have one thing in common: they expect us – and that’s you, too – to deliver high quality results. So they’ve got high standards. If we you like big names we have those but its the project that matters, we try hard to win great projects.

7. How do I enter an Internship program?

We frequently organize pre-employment trainings on these technologies. We have always hired the best of our interns and trainees.

Details on our summer internships and pre-employment trainings can be found at Internships & Trainings.

8. How should I contact you?