Who we are

Evozon Systems is a software development company specialised in delivering custom solutions. Established in 2005, the Romanian-Australian privately held firm has over 400 highly trained, experienced developers, based both in London and in Cluj-Napoca that can provide planning & strategic direction, user experience and interaction design, business analysis, project management, QA testing, 24/7 technical support and software maintenance.

Our testing team is formed by more than 75 people, who value innovation, teamwork, reliability, commitment, flexibility, and sobriety. Since 2005, our department has grown with every year, learning more and having the knowledge, know-how and skill set required to ensure the desired outcome for your project.

We are valuing the quality, following it, measuring it on behalf the client, and act as customer’s advocate. Our QA facilities and capabilities are comprehensive and a collaborative exercise between our testers and your developers.

Whether you need manual or automated testing, our testing department has successfully handled testing projects for customers all over the world, ranging from the Web to mobile applications and using a broad range of tools. We strive to implement structured testing practices and to optimise our activities.

Our philosophy

Here are a few things we believe in:

  • ensuring a better user experience is the only way to win and evolve;
  • finding answers for problems we find;
  • the quality of the testing process is everyone’s responsibility;
  • variety in the testing process (from approaches to techniques) is essential for delivery a product.

Why to chose us

Our team is formed by professionals with various skills and background, with the capacity to learn all sort of new things in order to improve, so each type of services we provide is very well covered.

We are focused on delivering a qualitative product because we are users as well, and for us is important to have a positive experience, therefore, your products will be tested, first of all, from a user perspective.

Another reason to outsource with us is the variety of technologies we use and the promise of delivery on time of products, as our clients until now can confirm.