This is why vulnerability helps you improve as a professional

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” — Brené Brown Each person has a different perception of what vulnerability means. Most of us associate it with weakness. This is mostly due to our upbringing, social background (race, education, lifestyle, gender, creed etc) or due to not knowing too much about this subject in general. While indeed vulnerability involves a lot of [...]

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The Easiest Way To Compare REST API Responses Using JMeter

      Restful APIs have increased in popularity over the last few years. The trend started with giants like eBay and Amazon. This has happened because these types of APIs present multiple advantages. Some of these benefits are: good performance in component interactions, scalability, simplicity, portability and reliability. For these types of APIs, JSON files are the default choice for [...]

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PIN Code Authentication Bypass

While performing a Penetration Test for a web application, an important part is testing the Authentication process. Even if usually it is a standard authentication process or it issues a well-known authentication framework made for security purposes, we still can find vulnerabilities in the implementation of it. For example, applications may rely on client side data without any checking with the [...]

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The neuroscience beyond the usability

With the advancement of technology, the software market has grown considerably and many software products have come to resemble one another quite a lot. One reason for this is that products are made and launched in a hurried manner. This is often done by neglecting the needs of the users and the importance of focusing on usability as a key [...]

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Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing

When developing a website or an application, security testing is one of the most important part, as having a secure and trustworthy software is what any user is looking for. When it comes to choosing the best approach in security testing, there are two widely used approaches: vulnerability assessment or penetration testing. The choice between them must be based on the costumer's [...]

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When does your company need security testing

A general impression about security testing that most of the companies have is that it is a process of hacking a website after the developing parts is done and/or the application is launched. This idea still stands up because the cyber security field was poorly addressed, or even ignored by most of software development companies, even though the danger security risks [...]

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