Achieve flawless performance, avoid costly downtime and increase reliability. The main goals of performance testing, a type of non-functional testing, consist of finding the issues related to long loading times, poor response times, inadequate scalability and bottle-necking (by looking for issues with the network, CPU and memory utilisation, disk usage, operating limitations and other aspects) and solving them in order to provide an efficient software product for your business and a first-rate experience for your customers.

Effective performance testing can quickly identify the nature or location of a software-related performance problem.


What we can do for you:

  • Endurance testing
    Is performed to see if a software product can sustain continuous expected loads conditions. During this process, the memory utilisation is permanently monitored.
  • Load testing
    Checks how the software product responds to normal and extreme expected loads conditions. It helps to identify the performance bottlenecks.
  • Scalability testing
    It helps to plan a capacity addition to your software product by increasing the workload. Some few attributes which we take on consideration while use this method are: screen transition, network usage, throughput etc.
  • Spike testing
    Or data volume testing is referring to how a system reacts with some sudden rise and fall of the load by a user.
  • Stress testing
    Is another type of performance testing involving the test of a software product under extreme workloads to see if it handles a certain level of reliability or availability under high data processing or traffic.
  • Volume testing
    Is about testing a software product under a large amount of data.

It is almost impossible to simulate all of the possible ways that an application will be used, so making the selection of scenarios to include in a performance test plays a crucial role in predicting or estimating performance.

All performance problems, even performance shortfalls, have very real costs. The reputation of the company behind the app — not to mention the credibility of the software team responsible for developing, testing and operating it — are always at stake.

The most used tools in our department for performance testing are: JMeter, SoapUI Pro, LoadRunner.