Top Reasons to Work with Us

We think of Evozon as a space for growth, both professionally and as a human being.  We care that you become a better person by working with us.

  • We love our work.(And only employ people who love working with us)
    Join us, and you’ll be part of a team that takes pride in its work every day. You could be on your way out to see our clients, scattered around the world, as part of our happy band – or you could ‘stay at home’ and get your head down, beavering away on the latest project… Whatever it is that you’re doing for us, you’ll do it with passion, we know that.
  • We’re really good at what we do. (You probably want to work with us already)
    That’s not arrogance – that’s confidence. Either on Magento or Hybris, ASP.Net, Perl or Node, we have some of the absolute best seniors and architects in the country. Our colleagues are passionate, goal-driven developers that push the limits of these technologies to provide an incredible experience for multi-layers, highly-scalable and heavy-traffic applications.
  • We work in a really cool place. (Sometimes we call it the office)
    No, seriously! Who wants to work in a horrible, dark building? Our premises are centrally located, there’s a great view (for the dreamers), comfy chairs, big desks, private parking, the work spaces are informal and – basically? – we don’t mind what time you clock in or out, as long as the work’s being done to the best of your ability. Did we mention Happy Fridays? Free expresso? How about our Kindle library, with a huge range of technical (and non-technical) books for you to peruse whenever you feel like it?
  • We’ll give you millions of euro, dollars or pounds. (OK, maybe not. But we do pay you handsomely)
    As well as providing you with a competitive salary, we’ll give you a benefits package that includes private healthcare at the ‘Regina Maria Medical Centre’ – not just for you, but for your immediate family too. And there’s an extra day’s holiday for you, for every year you spend with us. Not bad, eh?
  • It’s a lifestyle-option. (You probably call it a career)
    Team-leader, architect, project manager… wherever you start with Evozon, the way you develop your working career is up to you. Nothing is impossible, which is why Evozon is one of the coolest place to work. We rely on bright developers and testers, modern software applications, and cutting edge technologies. Continuous development is what we aim for on your behalf: that means training, support, guidance, and coaching – as much or as little as you want. We’ll talk about serious things, sure, like career paths, but while we’re helping you specialize in cutting edge technologies, we’ll make you promise to have some fun too.
  • Don’t worry (Be happy)
    Happy teams get superb results. We employ a bunch of bright developers who create the most amazing pieces of software for our clients. We love casual, we adore fun. The ‘all work, no play’ idea just doesn’t sit well with us. Oh, and team-building events? Well – we have those too. Real ones, that everyone enjoys (and usually learns something from, but that’s not what they’re about really). We’re also equipped with ping-pong, foosball, XBox, Kinect, Wii game, darts, coloured balls and swords. Fun, see?
Join us now!